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Application to Appeal Legal Aid Refusal

If you forget to send documents, contact the Legal Aid Office to provide the necessary documents to complete your application. LAA systems are currently being modified to integrate them into the common platform. The URN will also become important to providers when they file legal aid applications and submit applications to the LAA. We will only terminate your legal aid in the most serious circumstances – for example, if you do not cooperate with the conditions under which we granted you legal aid, if you have not made a contribution or if you behave aggressively or dangerously towards our staff or the lawyer/lawyer we provide to you. You will receive a fair warning that we are considering this and the reasons for it, unless we believe it is dangerous for our employees. If we plan to terminate your legal aid, we will inform you in writing that we intend to withdraw legal advice, revoke your legal aid certificate or terminate your legal aid certificate. You have a month after we did that to tell us why we shouldn`t do that. At this time, we have not yet made a final decision and you cannot yet request a review or appeal. We will not stop your legal aid before the end of the month or until you give us information/reasons not to stop it, whichever comes first. We will take into account any information or reason you have given us so as not to interrupt your legal aid before deciding whether or not to discontinue legal aid.

If we decide to terminate your legal aid, we will write to you again to inform you that the legal notice has been withdrawn or that the legal aid certificate has been revoked or terminated. You can then ask us to review the decision and/or appeal the decision. If we decide to revoke the legal aid certificate (instead of terminating it), you will be treated as if you had never received legal aid. You must reimburse the board of directors for what it cost us to represent you legally until then. We will only do so in the most extraordinary circumstances. Legal Aid BC does not consider applications received after 30 days from the date of the legal assistant`s decision. The rejected application for legal aid (PDF, 139 KB, 1 page) must be sent by e-mail to [email protected] and we will consider the appeal administratively within 2 working days. General information on legal aid in criminal matters can be found in the Manual on Legal Aid in Criminal Matters. The request to revoke a replacement order (PDF, 117 KB, 1 page) must be sent by email to the TAO team that processed the application([email protected]. [email protected] or [email protected]) The Office of Provincial Directors will contact you to gather more information and discuss your appeal. Once the Provincial Director has made a decision on your appeal, you will receive a Notice of Decision, which is a written decision on your appeal.

If you are not successful, you can appeal and request that your application be reviewed by the Complaints Committee of the Newfoundland and Labrador Legal Aid Commission. Requests for transfer must be addressed to the competent court. Decisions on the application are made by the court and the LAA is informed of the outcome. The LAA will then notify all parties and, if necessary, issue an amended representation order. Please visit the Justice: Rules of Procedure website to download “Application per person receiving legal aid to change lawyers” and scroll down to “Other Procedures” (Part 46 Representatives). Our partner, the Commission des services juridiques, is responsible for the application of the Act respecting legal aid in Quebec and the provision of certain other legal services. The Commission shall ensure that legal aid is available to any eligible person who applies for it. For more information about legal aid services and how to apply for legal aid, see Overview of Legal Aid Services in Ontario. Use the CRM14 electronic form to apply for criminal legal aid online.

Please note that if your client needs help raising an objection and you cannot help them, the client can file an appeal with the help of a friend or supporter of their choice. We often receive calls from counsellors, friends or family members. The Commission itself will also assist clients in the appeal if they so wish and will provide the services of an interpreter free of charge if necessary for this purpose. To arrange this, refer the client to our Customer Relations Coordinator. You can also submit the following requests electronically: If you wish to contest the rejection, you have 30 days from the date of receipt of the decision. A review committee will review your file and you will have the opportunity to explain your situation. The committee will amend or confirm the decision. The legal assistant who rejected your application will provide you with a “Legal Aid Representation Services – Refused” form. This form indicates if a notice is available to you. If you do not agree with a decision of the regional committee, you can contact the Toronto Provincial Appeal Service. You can do this by filing a letter or notice of appeal and stating all the reasons for the complaint.