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Apakah Rt Rw Net Legal

As we know, RT RW NET entrepreneurs usually don`t have business licenses and even spectrum use permits, yes, that doesn`t mean your RT RW NET business is illegal, after all, there are no violations here, so yes, think of it like an ordinary internet café entrepreneur. This is an important point to prepare. Because there are many cases where inexperienced businessmen do business illegally in order to bankrupt their business. After reading this article, I took the initiative and wanted to establish this company legally. My RT/RW Net business is located in Batam. Please indicate the procedures for membership in the APJII and the members of the APJII working in Batam. Thank you LOTIM| Poroslombok.com – Efforts by local governments through the Communication, Information and Messaging Service (Kominfo) to better understand legal (official) trade regulations have been made. Even communication and information technology, which is responsible for communication, information and coding issues, has sent a call letter to home network contractors, or known as RT RW NET, to immediately initiate approvals. As for the need for a Net RT/RW company to need authorization, the answer is yes. However, in terms of legality, many make this business independent without the need for a license or illegality.

He continued, in accordance with the circular of the RT RW NET regulation in each region issued by the central government. Because this company is not in the title in general, but in particular. After further monitoring, this activity will become illegal or unlicensed in accordance with Government Decree (PP) No. 52 of 2000 on Data Centers in Indonesia and on the basis of Regulation KM No. 21 of 2001 on the Implementation of Telecommunications Services and Their Derivatives. Try again to read about the rules of using telkom bandwidth, if it is allowed to resell, which is not, klo should not, it means that the illegal resale of bandwidth is not the company. Don`t have to hesitate and always wonder if the RT/RW network company needs a permit? Because if the effort is made without breaking the law, then such a thing is good and good to live. At the moment, there is no recourse to the legality of the hotspot company, as indihome RT/RW-net is actually a product of the hard work of many people in Indonesia who aspire to cheap internet. In terms of rt/RW-net policy, this shows a phenomenon of lack of legal space for community infrastructure built with homemade facilities by the people, by the people, by the people. There is no legal space for wireless internet infrastructure with WiFi. In terms of legality, RT/RW-net is actually not legal, since on the basis of Law 36/1998 and various PP & KEPMEN, only telecommunications operators have the right to build a telecommunications infrastructure. Clearly, the existing policy framework is more aimed at large companies with Cisco-class devices.

It never occurred to the government that most access would develop from school networks, RT/RW networks, which could be operated without a commercial license or at most only with a resume, with makeshift devices, even with homemade Pentium II class PC routers. So, can the sale to a WiFi neighbor bought from PT Telkom in the sub-district at a fixed price commonly known as rt RW Net be qualified as legal? If it`s not legal (illegal), what`s the problem? What was injured?? You paid to PT Telkom every month. Take advantage of the RT RW net business opportunity now! The commercial potential is very important to follow the development of the digital world. It is enough to prepare a capital of 20 million and then make a profit per month. To find out, you also need to know what rt/rw net is, why it should be RT/RW net, and its main requirements when setting up an RT/RW network business. These permissions can be done by yourself. However, it can also be one with the provider you choose. This means that you are under the auspices of the PT, which provides the Internet. If so, you no longer need to do super complicated approval management. Interesting excerpt on the Indowli mailing list by Hamzah Iza 7 August 2006 22:13.

What is needed for rtrwnet is simple: however, it is best for those of you who have already run the company without licensing standards to immediately perform the approval as described above. At the very least, you can do it slowly for other permits in the future. Details on RT/RW-net technology are explained in the RT/RW-net Technology section. Unfortunately, the internet connection in Indonesia is not evenly distributed. Facts on the ground prove that fast internet signals can only be obtained in large cities. For this reason, a new basic need has emerged for the inhabitants of Indonesia, namely an Internet connection. This connection is what everyone needs to be always connected to the digital world. Don`t worry, this skill can be learned quickly.

There is no need for engineering graduates or anything like that. Just take the time to study and tinker with the connections. A lot of experience will further mature your skills and abilities. It is clear that this business has a great opportunity if it is operated in a densely populated area. Of course, it will be even worse if the signal sent by the AP Spread is captured directly on the mobile phone. ideally, so that AP and HP can communicate well when the distance does not exceed 100 m, which can of course decrease or increase this distance depending on the terrain conditions. www.facebook.com/dedyeska/videos/10155992607977752/ After chatting. Eventually, the BNC cable moved from the internet café to the other side. To make it even better, you need to clearly determine the market. This affects later the products sold. The price of the entire purchase can be determined after determining the demand.

Wireless Internet technology is interesting because abroad the frequency is 2.4 GHz, as well as 5-5.8 GHz is exempt from frequency approvals, which makes data communication devices at these frequencies easy and inexpensive to buy and easy to use (user-friendly). Imagine that a wireless internet card with a speed of 11-22Mbps for Rp. 350-500,000 per piece can be obtained, it is enough to make a small satellite dish or a milk can antenna is enough to cover a long distance of 3-5 km. Save my name, email address, and website in this browser to comment next time. Comment Policy: Please write a friend`s comment that matches the topic of this page`s post. In 2005-2006, after the release of the 2.4 GHz frequency. It seems that RT/RW-net has become very booming, this can be observed closely from various discussions that take place in the mailing list [email protected] there are many RT/RW-net access requests sent to the [email protected] mailing list. Buying a powerful access point is indeed a must, but do not force if your destination is directly on the user`s mobile phone, for example: an outdoor access point totolink cp300 or an o3 tent that, according to the manufacturer, can afford up to 5 km. The “reward” is a large glass of coffee every morning and evening. who will be surrounded by the owner of the Internet café and his comrades.

Please inform me of the procedure to follow to join the APJII. I want to use the Internet. Trmks The serious implementation of RT/RW-net was first carried out by Michael Sunggiardi in his housing estate in Bogor around the 2000s. Michael Sunggiardi told many sad stories, as it was difficult to find customers during the first 2-3 years of his RT/RW network operation. Most of his neighbors at the time didn`t feel the need for 24-hour internet access from home. In Indonesia, the struggle to exempt 2.4 GHz and 5-5.8 GHz from repression by the authorities has resulted in many casualties, leading to the release of the 2.4 GHz frequency for Internet use since January 2005. Unfortunately, the use of 5-5.8 GHz until the day of 2006 can only be appreciated by paying a deposit of about Rp 20 – 25 million / year / node to the government.