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Activities of Patent and Copyright Agents Other Legal Activities N.e.c

In your Form CS01 for the Confirmation Declaration under the Model Industrial Classification Code, the SIC codes that represent your company are 74902 Quantity Measurement Activities. You are also required to disclose your business activities in your business accounts. Normally, the disclosure is in the form of a description and does not use CIS codes. This chapter is taken from the ONS Explanatory Notes and provides a more detailed explanation of possible activities that could fall under the CHAPTER-related CIS codes. This subclass includes:- Registration of business transactions of companies or others For any questions relating to this chapter or any other aspect of the SIC codes, please contact the Office for National Statistics on 01329 444970 or by e-mail at [email protected]. SIC Code 69109: Activities of Patent and Copyright Agents; other legal activities (other than those of lawyers and solicitors) n.e.c. For example, if you provide quantitative surveying services and use a limited liability company for these business activities, you must send a confirmation statement to Companies House at least every 12 months. You can submit your confirmation statement online or by mail. This subclass includes:- Legal professionals who are qualified to deal with the following topics:· Mediation of wills · Advising clients on legal matters• mandate of lawyers, etc. This class excludes:- Judicial activities, see 84.23 This division includes the legal representation of the interests of a party against another party, whether before the courts or other judicial authorities by or under the supervision of persons who are members of the Bar Association, such as advice and representation in civil matters, advice and representation in criminal proceedings, advice and representation in labour disputes. It also includes the preparation of legal documents such as articles of association, statutes or similar documents related to commercial formations, patents and copyrights, the preparation of deeds, wills, trusts, etc., as well as other activities of notaries, notaries, bailiffs, arbitrators, examiners and appraisers. For example, in your Director`s report, under Core Activities, you would write the title as follows. This subclass includes: – preparation, drafting and certification activities – patent and copyright advice – other legal activities not elsewhere classified – the activities of notaries, bailiffs, arbitrators, examiners and appraisers, etc.

Click here for a list of CIS codes for other business activities not listed above. This subclass includes:- Legal professionals admitted to the bar- Lawyers of the Scottish Bar This subclass includes:- Preparation of tax returns for individuals and businesses- Advising and representing clients before the tax authorities We also use cookies set by other websites to help us provide content from their services. You will need to provide a CIS code when you complete your confirmation declaration for Companies House. SIC stands for Standard Industrial Classification. This article focuses on Section M of the SIC codes for professional, scientific and technical enterprises. The CIS codes are divided into sections in alphabetical order, ranging from Section A to Section U. “The main activity of the company is to provide services as a quantity surveyor. Business activities have not changed during the year and since the balance sheet date. The CEO believes the company is well positioned for the future. This subclass includes:- the preparation or audit of financial accounts, the audit of accounts and the certification of their accuracy.

The Office for National Statistics calls these codes SIC uk SIC 2007 and uses them to compile statistics. Do not provide personal or financial information such as your Social Security number or credit card details. You must provide at least one SIC code that accurately represents your business activity when you complete your confirmation declaration for Companies House. Data, information releases, and corporate reports. If you need help with your company`s submissions to Companies House or HM Revenue and Customs, please contact our accountants.