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Abogado Legal Madrid

Yes of course. If you reside outside Madrid and your case needs to be resolved in the courts of Madrid or if your case needs to be resolved in other Autonomous Communities. Today, new technologies make it possible to solve problems throughout the national territory. For this reason, removal is not an obstacle for our law firm. In addition, we are used to it and have carried out procedures in virtually all the Autonomous Communities. We connect with you and offer you tailor-made legal solutions. For all these reasons, more and more clients trust their files in our law firm in Madrid to assert their rights in the face of a certain injustice or eventuality. Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm Request your appointment by calling +34 91 57 12057 – +34 61 97 43330 or send an e-mail to [email protected] The firm never accepts a mission that is not legally viable. In this way, the risks are minimized.

For this reason, we have an excellent ratio of cases won. Most of the firm`s professionals are specialists with more than 20 years of experience in the legal field. In addition, the technical management of your case will be taken care of by the most talented lawyer in Madrid. Your lawyer will analyze all the documentation of your file and you will have a concrete answer to your legal problem with the utmost professionalism, rigor and discretion. In everyday life, there are countless unforeseen events in which a particular natural or legal person needs the legal advice of a law firm. That`s why we have brought together the best specialists so that you can always find services adapted to your needs. There are several ways to recover a claim. First of all, our law firm in Madrid decides to send the debtor a Burofax in order to claim damages amicably.

Vegas Legal is a law firm committed to providing specialized legal advice that covers the various legal disciplines, is highly personalized and tailored to the needs of our clients. We are committed to the best possible application of justice in the defense of the property and rights of individuals and companies, as well as to the individual and collective rights of associations to which we offer our comprehensive legal advice. Our main driver is the PASSION for the law and for the PROFESSIONAL work that is well done. In our law firm in Madrid you will find professionals with a high level of commitment and commitment, where excellence and strict adherence to ethical standards are the cornerstones. Comprehensive legal advice or external lawyer for SMEs From the beginning of the relationship, our lawyers create a closed budget of the case. This offer includes all possible variants. Therefore, the client knows at all times the price of the services he will use in our law firm. On the other hand, our “mixed Litis quota system” means that the firm`s interests are always in line with those of the client. Abogados Madrid Legal is a multidisciplinary law firm adapted to modernity. So, if you have any doubts about how to proceed at madrid Centro law firm, we can help you as we will give you specific answers to your current situation.

Criterio Legal is a law firm in Madrid with more than 30 years of professional history dedicated to defending the interests of families, individuals and companies in various legal and commercial fields. Or by e-mail: [email protected] Such as it could not be otherwise, we serve our customers by phone. Although most of the time we can resolve your doubts over the phone when it comes to general issues, it is not possible to give legal advice on a very specific issue over the phone. MG Legal is a law firm in Madrid, lawyers and jurists that has been offering its services for 30 years, advising individuals and companies composed of a team of real specialists in various areas of law. The rates of all the lawyers of the firm are based on the indicative tables of the Illustrious Bar of Madrid. However, since there is the freedom to agree on fees with the customer, we will always try to conclude the agreement that is most advantageous for both parties. Rodenas Abogados is one of the country`s leading law firms and offers a wide range of specialized legal services. Our law firm in Madrid offers a wide range of specialized legal services for individuals, freelancers and companies with a common goal: to try to achieve the best result for the client. We know that every case is different and requires unique solutions. Therefore, we will listen to your case with special attention and defend your interests as effectively as possible. We also believe in innovation and digital transformation of the legal sector in Spain.

Therefore, on our website you can access the latest legal news, which will be of great help. In addition, in case of emergency, if a friend or family member has been arrested, we will immediately provide you with a lawyer in Madrid 365 days a year, including weekends and public holidays. Javier: Patricia is a great professional. I have had the opportunity to work with her and I can say that there are few lawyers like her. I really appreciate the learning I have acquired in the time I have. Since you entrust us with your business, we grant you access to an exclusive private space for you. Therefore, you can at any time check the status of your file, the documents submitted, the indications, the decisions of the court. etc. Therefore, you will always have the same information about the progress of your case as your lawyer.

Obviously, lawyers receive financial compensation for the legal services provided. If the first consultation only serves to discover the case, we will not charge any fees for it. During this first consultation, we carry out a feasibility analysis and give you an assessment of the procedure. In addition, it often happens that after the commissioning of the company`s services, new doubts arise with regard to the current case. Of course, the solution of questions and doubts is included in the initial budget, and there is no need to pay an amount for it. At MG Legal, we intend to adjust our fees to the client`s needs. Dismissals, rights claims, disabilities, contracts, labour inspections, non-payment of wages, contracts with management, etc. Jesus: I am very satisfied with the service that this office provides. I had a rotating card and they managed to get the money back that suited me.